Why Study In France

One of the first countries to have progressed from a feudalistic one to a nation state, France had been one of the dominant powers in Europe at one point in time. Being the world's fifth largest economy, the country combines extensive private, state and governmental enterprises. The country is also well considered for its financial services, banking and insurance sectors. France is also well known, for its rich cultural contribution to the world.
  • Knowing French is not necessary for post graduate studies as subject areas such as management and engineering are increasingly taught in English now.
  • For students lacking proficiency in French, it is usually taught as a subject in their curriculum during the course time.
  • The two different kinds of educational institutes one can choose from are, Universities and “Grandes Ecoles” (competitive institutes).The intakes revolve around September/October. Certain institutes also enroll students for spring, summer or winter semesters.
  • The French embassy mostly offers incentive scholarship programs for all courses. The French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs have also launched Eiffel scholarships to receive quality overseas students for masters, engineering and PhD courses.
  • France is better known for its high level of technological development, culture and reputation in the education system, which attracts number of young aspirants here every academic year. For many years, France has held its prominent place in subjects like Mathematics, Astrophysics, Biology, Medicine (Medicine in France), Genetics, Physics and other science subjects.Many foreign students choose to pursue their higher studies in France due to its technological progress.
  • reasonable living costs, lower than most European capitals. Living in France can be relatively cheaper compared to the United Kingdom.
  • As a student at one of these institutions you can rest assured that you will receive an amazing education, while also enjoying the many other things that are to be loved in the country.