President Trump ordered a review of the H-1B visa program, which big tech uses to recruit highly-skilled talent but the president argues is abused to cheat Americans out of jobs. The executive order makes no changes to the program — a lottery of 85,000 visas each year — but seeks to review how it should be administered.                            We are Authorized Representatives Of 150+ Universities Worldwide.                            Changes in Rules for #Canada Study visa,SDS Rules are officially applicable for India. SPP Rules now replaced by SDS Rules.


If you wish to study in the United States of America, then you need to apply for the student study visa. Do not worry as the process is not at complex as many of your near and dear ones might have told you. But, before you apply for the study visa in the US, the program or college you are applying for needs to approve you. Once your application is approved, your university would provide you with the required documents that are necessary to be submitted while applying for the study visa.

Students are offered F1 visa who wish to study in US.

Let us know more details that are a must for obtaining F1 Visa:

Qualifications for F1 Visa

For qualifying for F1 Visa, applicants need to clear the F1 visa interview which is not an easy task. But do not worry as we at Avenir Educations help you in preparing for the interview.

Applicants need to be Foreign Residence

The applicants of the F1 visa need to have a foreign residence where they must return to on completion of their course.

Financial Support

All the applicants must show sufficient financial support for applying F1 visa. We guide you on how to do it.

Sponsoring Institution

You can only study in that institution which had given the application for the grant of visa.

Ties with the Home Country

Applicants need to show in proof that they have strong connections with the home country. For which you can show your assets like land, house or vehicles. You may also show your bank accounts or a job offer from your home country on the completion of your studies.

Applying for an F1 Visa

Admission Requirements

In US, all universities have different procedures for the admission. We shall guide on the admission procedure of the university you need to take admission at. We will guide you thoroughly about application in your desired university for the course of your choice. We also have tie ups with some of the top universities/colleges of USA.

Details of the F1 Visa Interview

The interview that is conducted for obtaining F1 visa plays a crucial role in obtaining the visa. You are required to appear for the interview well-prepared with all the needed documents and receipts. You also should be well-prepared for answer certain questions asked by the interviewer that why you wish to study in the US and your plans after that.

Just do not worry, once you trust us, we prepare you for the interview completely.

Thus give us a call if you wish to study in the United States of America!

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