President Trump ordered a review of the H-1B visa program, which big tech uses to recruit highly-skilled talent but the president argues is abused to cheat Americans out of jobs. The executive order makes no changes to the program — a lottery of 85,000 visas each year — but seeks to review how it should be administered.                            We are Authorized Representatives Of 150+ Universities Worldwide.                            Changes in Rules for #Canada Study visa,SDS Rules are officially applicable for India. SPP Rules now replaced by SDS Rules.


Studying abroad is the best opportunity to experience a brand new country and different styles of education. Being in a new country creates a lot of curiosity and excitement. To maximize the benefits of studying abroad Avenir Education one of the prime Pre Departure Briefing experts has developed a thoroughly well designed events which are held twice a year.

The accomplished faculty provides appropriate expert techniques to deal with the adaptation etiquettes required to deal with the new culture and offers a realistic preview of what to expect. The event assists students to effectively adjust overseas with extremely informative activities and attributes that equip them with master techniques to deal with culture shock.

Newness produces thrills followed by disillusionment and frustration, the briefing helps to overcome all barriers in the shortest time and provides appropriate knowledge on safety, health, socio-economical- political issue and makes students academically responsible.

In addition, we also provide a satisfactory reply to all the queries of the anxious parents. Students going to the same university are coordinated in a network and maintain interaction with each other.

Avenir Educations is aware of the immense responsibility associated with its role and has prepared a well defined and distinguished briefing program which helps to gain mastery in dealing with all the complexities and adjusting with ease.

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