• The IELTS and TOEFL test scores are prerequisites for admission and financial aid to the specific universities and colleges. Universities in the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and other countries also recognize these tests.
  • Scoring well in these tests can be crucial for admission in the universities, for scholarships and visa.
  • We help you with getting the application form for the examination ; filling and submission. We also support training which will help you in securing high scores.


(International English Language Testing System)

  • IELTS is conducted by - British Council & IDP. IELTS tests the complete range of English language skills. Eligible for immigration.
  • IELTS was invented by the University of Cambridge, British Council and IDP all together. It so happens that in certain countries the British Council is in charge of IELTS exams and in other countries IDP runs IELTS exams, and then there are countries where both the British Council and IDP offer IELTS exams, which people find confusing and are not sure where to go.
  • The most important thing for you to know is that the IELTS exams are the same worldwide, it doesn’t matter who supervises the test, the British council or IDP.
  • IELTS, is designed to evaluate the language proficiency of candidates (Non native speakers) who aspire to study or work in English speaking countries. It is the world"s proven English test .Over 1.4 million candidates take the test each year to start their journeys into international education and employment.
  • It is recognised by over 6,000 organisations worldwide, including universities, employers, professional bodies, immigration authorities and other government authorities. For a list of organisations that approve IELTS scores. The scores are accepted by over 2500 US Universities, Universities in UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, DUBAI & SINGAPORE etc.
  • IELTS is designed to measure English language skills at all levels. There is no pass or fail in IELTS. Results are based on individual performance and are reported as band score on a scale from 1-9.
Candidates are tested in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.
  • Test Takers:
  • Test Accepted By:
  • Test Conducted By:
  • Nature of Test:
  • Test Pattern:
  • Test Duration:
  • Undergraduate, Graduate programs & well as for immigration purpose.
  • UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada & in US over 2500 univs.
  • Jointly conducted by University of Cambridge ESOL, British Council & IDP.
  • Paper Based Test (PBT)
  • Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking
  • 3 hours
  • Test Score Validity:
  • Official Score Reported:
  • When is the Test Conducted ?:
  • Proof of Document Required for Registration:
  • 2 years.
  • Mailed after 13 working days of taking the test.
  • 4 times a month
  • Original & Valid Passport

Test results:

Candidate will receive a Test Report form which reports a score for each of the four skills -listening, reading, writing and speaking as well as an overall band score. Results are issued 13 days after the test. At some test centers candidates may collect their results on 13th day, at others results are mailed on the 13th day. Test centres are not permitted to give results over the phone or by fax or email.

Enquiries on Results:

If a candidate is unhappy with his test result, he can apply for re-mark at the centre where you took the test. One must make the application no later than six weeks after the test date .You can choose which test components are re-marked. There is a fee for this service which will be refunded if your score on any component is increased. It takes 6-8 weeks to complete.

Re - taking IELTS:

There are no restrictions on re-taking IELTS. If you do not get the result you wanted, you can register for another test as soon as you feel you are ready to do so. Please note that your score is unlikely to increase unless you make a significant effort to improve your English before re -taking the test.

IELTS consists of four modules:

  1. LISTENING (4 sections, 40 items –30 minutes)
  2. READING (3 sections, 40 items- 30 minutes)
  3. WRITING (2 tasks –60 minutes)
  4. SPEAKING (3 parts - 11-14 minutes)

Score description:

Expert user - Fully operational command over language, no mistakes at all and possess high level of accuracy. Can handle complex situation with complete understanding.
Very good user - Desirable operational command over language, occasional unsystematic inaccuracies .
Good user - Posseess operational command over language, occasional inaccuracies and inappropriacies
Competent user - Effective command of the language, some inaccuracies and misunderstandings, can handle language in familiar situations.
Modest user - Restricted command over language, many mistakes, can handle only basic situations.


  • A Standardized Test, the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) assesses the English Proficiency of people, whose native language does not happen to be English. It tests the ability to understand North American English.
  • The US-based "Educational Testing Service"(ETS), develops and administers the TOEFL. ETS is responsible for setting questions, conducting the test and sending score reports to each examinee.
  • Most Educational Institutes in the US and Canada (approximately 2400) ask applicants for their TOEFL Scores. Institutes in other countries, where the mode and language of instruction is English, also use TOEFL. Most people take the TOEFL test as a prerequisite for admission into colleges and universities where English is used or required. In addition, many government, licensing, and certification agencies and exchange and scholarship programs use TOEFL scores to evaluate the English proficiency of people for whom English is not their native language.
  • Test Takers:
  • Test Accepted By:
  • Test Conducted By:
  • Nature of Test:
  • Test Pattern:
  • Test Duration:
  • Test Scores:
  • Test Score Validity:
  • Official Score Reported:
  • When is the Test Conducted ?:
  • Test Repetition Policy:
  • Proof of Document Required for Registration:
  • UUndergraduate, Graduate Doctoral or MBA Programs.
  • US & Canada few univs, in UK & New Zealand.
  • ETS-Prometric
  • Internet Based Test (iBT)
  • Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking
  • 4 hours
  • 120. Good score 90+
  • 2 years.
  • Mailed after 3-4 weeks of taking the test.
  • Every month but fixed dates.
  • In 7 days
  • Original & Valid Passport

Test structure :

The TOEFL Internet-based Test (TOEFL iBT) tests all four language skills that are important for effective communication: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The structure of the TOEFL iBT is as follows:
Section Duration Question/Tasks
Reading 60-100 min 36-70
Listening 60-90 min 34-51
Speaking 20 min 6 tasks
Writing 50 min 2 tasks
Section Question Types Scoring
Reading 3-5 passages from academic texts; approx 700 word long with 12-14 questions per passage. 0-30
Listening 4-6 lectures, each 3-5 min long; 6 questions each. 2-3 conversations, each 3 minutes long; 5 questions each. 0-30
Speaking 2 tasks to express an opinion ona a topic; 4 tasks to speak based on what is read and listened to 0-30
Writing 1 task to write based on what is read or listened to; 1 task to support an opinion on a topic. 0-30