For students from all over the world studying the universities and colleges of Germany is a great chance. The students are free to choose course of their choice and pursue their study at great educational system. It is one of the most influential European countries having a very beautiful landscape containing forests, mountains, sea beaches etc. Sightseeing at Germany adds to the beautiful experience of visitors and residents. Miniature Wonderland Hamburg, Heidelberg Castle and old quarter, Europa-Park, Old town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, UNESCO World Heritage Cologne Cathedral are the top beauties of Germany.



Why Study in Germany ?

Germany is one of the most striking places for the international students from all over the world. There are number of universities offering admirable quality of education. With so many to choose from, it is not always easy to find the best and right one. Candidates are free to choose the course provided by different universities. One can find colleges for art, film and music on one hand and science, MBA, IT business, engineering on another hand.

The responsibility for the education system is in the hands of states while the federal government also plays slight role. There you can get bachelor degree, master degree or doctoral degree.

Tuition fees, Scholarship and Living Cost

Finance of tuition fees in Germany is supported by the state. Very little or even no tuition fees are charged by most of the institutions. Otherwise the tuition fees on average are 1000 EURO per annum. Every student gets scholarship in Germany, no terms and conditions are applied. The cost of living is around 20000 EURO per annum.