Ireland is an island situated in North of Atlantic. It has the most inspiring country sides and vibrant cities. The island has lush vegetation, due to its mild and changing climatic conditions, which avoids acute temperature. The winters of Ireland are milder and summers are cooler. Rainfall is abundant. Irish culture is a vivacious culture.

It has great significance on the other cultures too. Gaelic games, Irish music, Irish language and literature have its own attraction. Sports such as football, rugby, horse racing and golf as sport activities of Ireland have been espoused from Great Britain. Cuisine and food of this island is mild and loved worldwide. Any who is planning to study in the universities of Ireland is going to get that opportunity of a different beautiful culture.

Why Study in Ireland ?

Ireland is first of all an English speaking country which is its great advantage. Irish people have the reputation of being very friendly. There are many spots for recreation, tourism and gathering. Degree from the universities of Ireland is recognized worldwide and graduates from here are sought after by renowned employers. There are seven degree colleges, fourteen institutes of technology and five teacher training colleges. Entrance to higher education in Ireland is generally decided on the basis of competition. A student may opt for bachelor degree, master degree, doctorate degree, post graduate diploma, higher diploma, and certificate. The main intakes preferred by Ireland are either September or February.

Cost of Study And Living of Ireland

The tuition fees of universities of Ireland range from 9,000 EURO to 30,000 EURO depending upon the courses and duration. Living cost lies between 7,000 to 10,000 EUROS per annum.

Work Opportunities in Ireland

Students are allowed to work part-time while being into the course whereas in vacations they are allowed to work full time. If a student is studying in Ireland for more than 5 years, they may easily get the work permit to work after completion of study.