Europe dependent visa services in Jalandhar

We’ll Help Your Dependent Member to Accompany You in Europe

We reunite dependent members (spouse, children, parents, grandparents, relatives) from Jalandhar and around regions with their family in Europe. If you wish to relocate to your immediate family member who is in Europe on study permit, work or other purpose, then meet our Europe Visa Consultant Jalandhar professional to acquire your dependent visa. Our success rate for Europe dependent visa is high. Big thanks to our proficient visa counsellors, who keep our clients well-informed and lead them to a successful outcome. We understand that career is important, but more important is family reunification. That is why Avenir Educations not only help you re-join you with your loved ones in Europe, but provide you with a path of opportunities for you to have a happy life together. Come, experience our smooth Europe dependent visa services in Jalandhar.

Why Choose Our Dependent Visa Service for Europe in Jalandhar?

• We guide & educate you about the Europe dependent visa application process.
• We compile the documents and prepare you for interview with the Embassy.
• We handle all the intricacies of the process.
• We ensure that your profile is detailed for improving chance of visa approval.
• Our experience in visa approval covers both new and reappearing profiles.

Type of Dependent Visas

• Spouse visa
• Child visa
• Parent visa

Benefit of Europe Dependent Visa

• There is nothing much a happier time in the world than reuniting with your family.
• You get to experience the best social service, education & healthcare system.
• You become part of a diverse, new culture, language and tradition.
• You explore opportunities for personal & professional growth.
• You build a life together in a stable and nurturing environment.
• You are free to travel in and out of Europe at any time.

Requirements for Europe Dependent Visa

• Valid passport
• National ID
• Passport size photos
• Letter of invitation
• Marriage certificate
• Proof of relationship (messages and couple pictures)
• Medical records
• Financial statements of the primary visa holder (sponsor) in Europe.

Step by Step Process

The process for Europe dependent visa begins with:

• Filling your application form.
• Submitting your documents.
• Attending interview at the consulate or embassy.
• Providing your biometric details of fingerprints and your photographs.

Following all the instructions of immigration will help you obtain a visa.

Visa Fees

The visa fee for Europe’s dependent visa varies according to the chosen visa type and age of the applicant. It’s important to know the fee detail to ensure accurate application representation.

Processing Time of Europe Dependent Visa

The processing time for dependent visa of Europe is a month that varies on your choice of the country to travel and the rush of applications at the embassy. Therefore, it is advised to plan your travel properly in advance. Here, our visa counsellors will help you.

Responsibility of Dependent Visa Holders

• Dependent visa holders must abide the laws of the host nation.
• Respect the culture and customs of the local community.
• Maintain valid immigration status by renewing it on time.

If you are ready to relocate to Europe to be with your family member, visit our office or call us to begin with your application.

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